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1 City Hall Plaza
Chaska MN 55352
United States
About City of Chaska:
The City of Chaska is located southwest of the Twin Cities along the Minnesota River. The City of Chaska's mission is to be the "best small town in Minnesota." Chaska, founded in 1852, has been a small town throughout its history. As the community grows, the City Council recognizes Chaska's strategic advantage by preserving its small town atmosphere.

According to our latest community survey, a majority of residents choose Chaska for its small town feel and friendly atmosphere.

In a recent survey, employees were asked why they love their job:
"One feels like they are working as a team towards something greater"
"It allows me to grow as an employee and as a person, knowing what I do makes a difference"
"I love working for a City that truly believes in its values and has a clear sense of purpose"
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