About Twinist

Our Vision:

Twinist envisions a productive collaboration between employers in Minnesota and the vibrant minority/immigrant workforce that will foster integration and enable them to contribute economically, culturally and socially to the State.


Our Mission:
At Twinist, our mission is to connect skilled authorized minority/immigrant talent with job opportunities that fit their skills and qualifications. We are passionate about connecting employers with the right talent.


Our Story:
Twinist was founded by and for minorities and Immigrants. Even with work authorization, experience, degrees and other levels of qualifications, most immigrants find themselves at a loss when it comes to getting job opportunities. At over 500,000, the immigrant [minority] community in Minnesota is a rich and largely untapped wealth of human resources. It is for this reason that Twinist, a platform based in Minnesota, established a service that connects minority and immigrant workers with suitable jobs and helps them integrate seamlessly into the professional American, especially Minnesota, workforce.

The struggle that minorities and immigrants face in finding a place in the American workforce inspired the foundation of Twinist. They are disadvantaged when it comes to getting the right job opportunities. This disadvantage is in part due to the lack of forums and platforms that connect skilled minority and immigrant workers with job opportunities. Twinist seeks to fill this gap by engaging both employers and minority/immigrant workers by creating a platform for them to seek talent and job opportunities respectively.

The founder of Twinist; Abdu Rahman Mahmud's journey to founding Twinist was inspired by his own experience as a fresh immigrant from Somalia and a professional non-profit program administrator looking for a place in the American job market.


Twinist Company Services:

1. Job and career opportunities listings:

For employers, Twinist provides a platform to advertise vacancies and attract the best candidates for their organizations. The Twinist job board is an opportunity for employers to connect with skilled minority/immigrant workers who bring diversity, experience, and skills to the organization.

Job seekers can browse through available vacancies that are posted on the Twinist job board and find career opportunities in their area of interest. Through the job board, you get an opportunity to apply to posts that interest you and match your qualifications as a job seeker.

Above all, employers can have an opportunity to go through Job-seekers' resume board and invite potential candidates to apply to job-listing they posted on Twinist.

2. Minorities and immigrants volunteering hub:

The volunteering hub is a vital part of the integration process for minority/immigrant workers. It affords job seekers who are minority/immigrants the opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience in the American job market. The volunteering hub aims to provide minority/immigrant workers access to opportunities to volunteer in organizations where their skills can be put to good use.


3. Consultancy Services
  1. Personal branding development for job seekers: From mock interviews to coaching sessions, resume prep to headshot, Twinist takes a hands-on approach to enable job seekers to land the right jobs for their skill set. The personal branding service is geared toward helping the jobseeker create a personal brand that appeals to the American employer and helps them stand out of the crowd 


  2. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for employers: Twinist is passionate about bridging the gap between the minority/immigrant community and employers. We offer tailored and interactive diversity and multicultural workshops and events that will help you as an employer to engage with minority/immigrant communities. With diversity comes innovation and global perspectives that can help organizations adopt a global outlook.



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