About Twinist


In Minnesota, there are about half a million immigrant populations from more than seven different countries; they are either citizens, permanent resident holders, or eligible to work for any employer. The majority of them have college degrees or higher either from their countries of origin or from here, in the US. These men and women are mostly unemployed or under-employed "occupy jobs that are far below from their skill level". Twinist is a Minnesota based platform that serves these forgotten skilled workforces and helps them connect with jobs and other opportunities.  

Our mission: At Twinist, our mission is to connect immigrants and refugees who have full work authorization with opportunities, and we have professional people ready to help your organization or company above and beyond our mission.

Our vision:  Twinist envisions Minnesota employers and leaders welcoming and opening opportunity doors for immigrants. Immigrants and their children are vital contributors to our state’s economic, cultural, and civic life. 

Our story: Twinist was founded by Abdu Rahman, a Twin Cities immigrants advocate originally from Somalia. Abdu was inspired to start Twinist because of the great success he has discovered when the talented people were connected with the right resources. As a refugee at the age of two, Abdu eventually graduated from college and began a successful nonprofit career in Somalia before coming to the USA. This was due to the opportunities and resources he was given and drives him to connect other immigrants and refugees with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. He hopes Twinist serves as a hub for organizations and immigrants to connect to build a trusting community together. 

Motto: Immigrants jobs and opportunities

Dear Employer: Global perspectives are the key to innovation in today’s world. At Twinist, we make it easy to diversify your team. Whether you’re looking for language skills, multicultural insight or immigrants expertise. You believe in giving every qualified applicant a fair chance, regardless of their nationality. Minnesota needs employers like you and Twinist is right beside you. 

Twinist offers employers: 

Talent Pool: 

  1. Post a listing: Post your listing ad and receive responses from targeted, qualified candidates specifically interested in your opportunity.
  2. Search Resumes: Search our targeted resume database of talented professional candidates to find the diverse bilingual professionals you need


Twinist plus - Diversity and inclusion training, retreats, and events
  1. Twinist offers tailored and interactive diversity and multicultural workshops and events to help you and your team serve globally and act locally.
  2. Twinist offers your team several platforms that you can engage with immigrant communities. Such annual events are immigrants/refugees career fair, Greater Somali-Day celebration, The originals film festival, etc, immigrants and refugees health fair, etc. 
  3. Customized diversity and inclusion consultations. 

Why Twinist? Because we are committed, specialists, that are flexible and bring results. 

Dear Immigrant/refugee/Asylee: Are you struggling to succeed? Every year, thousands of qualified immigrants arrive in Minnesota expecting to be placed in their dream job, only to face a maze of obstacles. We know the system is broken. We’re here to fix it. 

Twinist offers Immigrant opportunity seekers: 

  1. Resume building - FREE
  2. Post your resume at Twinist Talent pool
  3. Headshots - FREE
  4. and Mock Interview sessions - FREE



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