Extreme Kids Activity Leader

Job Posted 3/10/2023
City of Chaska
1661 Park Ridge Drive
Chaska, MN 55318
United States
Category Jobs
$18.24 to $22.80 Per Hour
Job Description
Job Summary

The Extreme Kids Activity Leader is responsible for planning, executing and leading safe summer recreational activities for school-age children.

  1. Creates clear, detailed daily lesson plans and determines supply and equipment needs.
  2. Takes primary responsibility for executing lesson plans, and the coordination, supervision and leadership of recreational activities.
  3. Ensures open proactive communication between parents and staff members, including discussing and documenting participants’ behaviors and implementing behavior modification plans as needed.
  4. Serves as a positive role model and leader to fellow staff members and youth participants.
  5. Supervises and participates with groups of youth in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including crafts, games, socialization, health/wellness and field trips.
  6. Adheres to the goals, theme and schedule of the program to ensure youth receive a consistent, high quality experience.
  7. Assists with program administration by taking accurate daily attendance counts.
  8. Performs all other related duties as requested or assigned.

1 City Hall Plaza
Chaska MN 55318
United States