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1080 Montreal Avenue
Saint Paul MN 55116
United States
CommonBond Communities was formed in 1971 with the ambition to create housing options that were affordable for all. With increasing racial and economic injustices following the turbulent 1960s, our founding members were driven by the belief that all people have a right to a place they can call their own.

From our first half-time employee, we’ve grown over the decades to become one the most effective affordable housing providers in the Upper Midwest, working in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Injustices still exist — and are increasingly more complex. Our model includes providing naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH), as well as negotiating real estate transactions for new construction and other developments. Through this model, we’ve made incredible progress in urban development integrated with supportive services for those most in need in our communities. Today, we have more than 7,000 rental apartments and townhomes across 60 cities.
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