Because Your Health Matters - Call for artist

Minneapolis, MN 55404
United States


General Information:
People’s Center, with assistance from Springboard for the Arts, invites local artists who live, work or are connected to the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood and/or People’s Center to create virtual and physically distanced activities that spread joy, relief, solidarity, information and wellness. Activities could be online or in public space – from virtual fitness or drawing classes, to joyful messages decorating storefront windows and sidewalks, to live music to be enjoyed from open windows. Local artists will have the opportunity to showcase their talents, shine light in the community, and earn a modest stipend in a time of financial instability. This is a modest stipend and we value your time and talent so please think of projects that you can reasonably do with the time and money available.
Grant amount: Each eligible artist my request $250 or a team of artists may request $500.
Applicant eligibility:
• You consider yourself an artist, creative storyteller, crafter, healer, musician, etc.
• You live, work or are otherwise connected to the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood or the People’s Center. Connections could include growing up in the area, receiving medical care at the People’s Center, family or cultural connections to the neighborhood, and more.
• Be able to complete your activity within 60 days of approval.
• Eligible artists may only submit one activity application Project Requirements:
• Must take place either online or abide by social distancing guidelines.
• Activities must take place online or in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.
• If activities are in public or private space:
  1) they meets social distancing guidelines and
  2) you have permission/agreement to use that space/those spaces.
• Activities must be completed within 60 days of approval.
• Any activities must be free for participants 
Selection Criteria
Projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
 • How does the activity meet the goal of spreading joy, solidarity, information or wellness.
 • If the project is not online is it doable following social distancing guidelines.
 • Do the people involved have the capacity and ability to complete this activity.
Applications will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis.
 • Artists will be notified of approval within two weeks of submission.
 • Once approved artists will be given a contract.
• Payment will be received within two weeks of signing the contract.
• Artists will have 60 days from approval to complete the activity. 
Application Submission
Submit application responses here
Please be aware that the form will not save your work! We highly recommend that
you write your answers in another document and paste them in the form.
You can submit a video response to the Narrative section instead of submitting the
answers in writing. If you choose to do this, make sure you answer each question in
You can make the video on your cell phone, tablet, etc. We will be making decisions
based on your answers, not the quality of the video.
Your video should be 2-5 minutes long. Please make sure you answer all narrative
questions, and say which question you are answering (preferably in order).
Because of size restrictions, you'll need to upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and
then share that with us. (You can find instructions for creating a Youtube channel here.
You can create a Vimeo account here.)
You will still need to fill out the other parts of the application- have the link to your video
ready to share in the online form. Be sure to make the videos Public or Unlisted on
Questions via email will be answered on a best effort basis: